Freddy Full Movie | Kartik Aaryan | Alaya F | Tripti Agarwal | Jeniffer Piccinato

Published on 01/01/23 / In Music

Rating: 7.8
⁣Director: Shashanka Ghosh
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Produced by: Ekta Kapoor; Shobha Kapoor; Jay Shewakramani; Gaurav Bose

Kartik Aaryan as Dr. Freddy Ginwala
Alaya F as Kainaaz Cruz
Karan A. Pandit as Raymond Nariman
Sajjad Delafrooz as Rustom Irani
Jeniffer Piccinato as Ava
Harshika Kewalramani as Shirin Mistry
Tripti Agarwal as Kainaaz’s mother

Dr. Freddy Ginwala is a shy and socially awkward dentist in Mumbai. He goes on multiple dates with women, only to get rejected everytime. His only friend is his pet turtle, Hardy, and also spends his leisure time working on his miniature planes. When he was a child, his father had killed his mother and then committed suicide himself. His aunt Persis has been his guardian since then.
At a relative's wedding, Freddy sees a girl named Kainaaz and awkwardly approaches her to talk to her, but is pushed away by her husband Rustom, who was handling the catering for the wedding. Kainaaz meets Freddy at his clinic the next day, saying she wants to extract her wisdom tooth, and he carries out the surgery the next day. Freddy soon falls in love with her and cannot stop thinking about her. He goes nearby her house, just to catch a glimpse of her, and sees her being beaten by Rustom. Freddy calls her the next day, insisting her to visit him, so that he can check if she is healing properly post the surgery. He questions her about the wounds on her face, and she reveals that Rustom is abusive towards her and would kill her if she ever leaves him. They start dating secretly and she reciprocates his feelings. They plan to get married and get rid of Rustom by killing him.
Freddy kills him by running him over with his car and goes straight to his farmhouse in Karjat and stays there for a week, also getting the damage inflicted upon his car repaired. The police cannot find any evidence related to Rustom's death. On returning, Freddy goes to meet Kainaaz at her home, but is shocked to see her with Raymond, a chef. Kainaaz reveals to Freddy that she never loved him and only used him to get her husband killed so that she and Raymond can be together and she can become the owner of the restaurant previously owned by her husband. Freddy is devastated and decides to seek revenge. He sneaks into Kainaaz's house and replaces her facewash with liquid dishwasher detergent, as Kainaaz had previously mentioned being allergic to sodium sulfate. He also removes the brake fluid from Raymond's car. Kainaaz wakes up to find her skin covered in rashes due to the allergy and Raymond drives her to the hospital, but due to the brakes being faulty, they suffer an accident and are injured.
The next day, they find that someone has posted an online review of her restaurant, complaining of a lizard being found in the food, tarnishing the reputation of the restaurant. An obscene photo of them has also been leaked online. Kainaaz is convinced that Freddy is behind all this. They go to his house and beat him, but the police arrive there, as Freddy had informed them beforehand. They reveal to the police that Freddy had killed Rustom but cannot provide any proof as Freddy had secretly deleted all his photos and messages from their phones while they were asleep. They later again break into Freddy's house while he is away and kill Hardy, leaving him heartbroken. Freddy plants a false eye witness to Rustom's murder who goes and reveals Freddy's car number to the police, though he had not seen the driver's face. When the police come to interrogate Freddy, he lies that in order to frame him, Raymond had taken his car to kill Rustom and proves it by showing false messages which he had himself secretly sent from Kainaaz's phone to his phone, and the CCTV footage of them breaking into his house.
Freddy calls Kainaaz and Raymond, and says that the police would be coming for them and that he would spare them, if they come and apologize to him at his farmhouse. He also asks them to bring a suitcase along with them. The police see the CCTV footage of them leaving the house with the suitcase and assume that they have absconded. At the farmhouse, they attempt to kill Freddy, but he overpowers and captures them. Before Freddy extracts Kainaaz and Raymond's teeth while being strapped to a chair, Kainaaz comes clean by telling him that Raymond was the one who killed his pet turtle and is begging for a second chance. So, Freddy tries to test her by bringing his mother's favorite cello and playing a song as Kainaaz mentioned before that she was inspired by his mother to play the cello but fails to do so, knowing that it was a ruse all along and that she was bluffing. Devastated, he violently extracts both their teeth without anaesthesia which results in their death. As Freddy buries Kainaaz, he confesses that he still loves her and that the joke is on him. He lies down between the two buried bodies and smiles creepily at the audience as the screen goes black.

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