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Govinda Naam Mera Full Movie | Vicky | Bhumi | Kiara | Shashank | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Published on 01/01/23 / In Drama

Rating: 6.5
⁣Director: Shashank Khaitan
Cinematography: Vidhushi Tiwari
Music by: John Stewart Eduri

⁣Vicky Kaushal as Govind "Govinda" "Govindya" "Govya" Waghmare, Gauri's husband and Suku's boyfriend
Bhumi Pednekar as Gauri Waghmare, Govinda's wife
Kiara Advani as Suku Shetty, Govinda's girlfriend
Sayaji Shinde as Ajit Dharkar
Renuka Shahane as Asha Waghmare, Govinda's mother and Gopi's second wife
Dayanand Shetty as Inspector Javed
Amey Wagh as Kaustubh Godbole, Govinda's cousin
Girish Oak as ACP Sunil Kulkarni
Jeeva Ranjeet as Sandeep Dharkar aka Sandy, Ajit's son
Viraj Ghelani as Baldev Chaddha aka Ballu, Gauri's boyfriend
Wilson Tiger as Gopi Vishwakarma
Veenah Naair as Charulata Vishwakarma, Gopi's first wife and Govinda's step-mother
Akshay Gunawat as Vishnu Vishwakarma, Gopi's elder son and Govinda's step-brother
Trupti Khamkar as Manju
Umedh Singh as Inspector Satish Bhosle
Shashank Khaitan as Anand Joshi, builder
Ranbir Kapoor as himself (special appearance in the song "Bijli")
Amy Aela (special appearance in the song "Bijli")
Ganesh Acharya as cameo "choreographer"

⁣Govind "Govinda" Waghmare aka Govya/Govindya, works as a backup dancer for films in Mumbai, and wishes to be a choreographer someday. He has a bitter relationship with his wife Gauri, and wants to divorce her, to be with his girlfriend Suku who is also a dancer. Gauri demands that in order to divorce her, he would first have to pay her ₹2 crores, returning the amount paid to him in dowry at the time of their marriage. Gauri has a boyfriend named Baldev, who is an insurance agent.
Govinda's father, Gopi Vishwakarma, was a famous action director and his mother, Asha Waghmare, was a backup dancer. They fell in love while working together in films and got married. When Govinda was little, Gopi died in an accident and Charulata and Vishnu Vishwakarma, Gopi's wife and son from his first marriage, claim that they are the rightful owner of the bungalow which Gopi had left for Govinda and Asha in his will. The Vishwakarma family claim that Gopi's marriage with Asha was a sham and was just part of a film shooting. It has led to a long running legal dispute between the two families over ownership of the bungalow. Asha has been pretending to be paralyzed in order to gain sympathy and move the case in their favour.
Govinda thinks of killing Gauri and takes a gun from Inspector Javed, an old friend of Gopi's, but he cannot muster the courage to kill her. Javed demands ₹2 lakhs for the gun but Govinda is unable to pay him and gets threatened by him regularly. Govinda and Suku get an opportunity to choreograph a music video for the rich producer Ajit Dharkar's drug-addicted son Sandeep aka Sandy. The music video is made, but Govinda and Suku have more screen time in it compared to Sandy, which angers Ajit and he demands that they repay him ₹30 lakhs, which was the amount spent in making the song.
Sometime later, Govinda finds Sandy injured in his car post an accident. With him being unconscious, Govinda finds and steals drugs from his car, which are worth crores of rupees and Suku suggests they sell them. They both go to Govinda's house and are shocked to find Gauri lying dead on the floor, seemingly murdered. They are clueless as to who may have killed her, and bury her in the garden outside the house, removing all other evidence. The next morning, Manju, the maidservant discovers a piece of broken glass on the floor with blood stains on it. She suspects Govinda for killing Gauri and reports it to Inspector Javed.
It is revealed that Suku had been working for Vishnu and passing on information to him which would help him in the case regarding the bungalow. Baldev confronts Govinda and says that he suspects him for killing Gauri as he knows that she had made a life insurance worth ₹2 crores with Govinda as the nominee, and he says that he knew nothing about it. On their lawyer Kaustabh's suggestion, Govinda and Asha decide to sell the bungalow to the Vishwakarma family for ₹2 crores and settle somewhere else. Meanwhile, Sandy is shocked to find the drugs missing from his car. Ajit receives an anonymous tip that Govinda has the drugs, and has him detained by the police, along with everyone else who knows him.
The police search for the drugs at his house, but cannot find them. On being questioned, Suku says that Govinda has murdered Gauri and buried her. The police dig up the ground outside the house but cannot find Gauri's body, which leaves Suku shocked. Moreover, Govinda unexpectedly claims that him and Gauri are already divorced and he doesn't know of her whereabouts. Some of the drugs are surprisingly found at Inspector Javed's house, leading the police to believe that he had stolen it. The Vishwakarma family, after acquiring the bungalow, finds out that Gopi had illegally acquired the land in which it was built and that a school will be built there. This creates problems for them as they have already sold the bungalow to a real estate developer for ₹150 crores. A raid is conducted at Ajit's house and on finding more drugs in his possession, the police detain him.
Six months later, Suku, Vishnu and Charulata receive a call from Govinda to come and meet him in Thailand. On reaching there, they are shocked to find Govinda living a luxurious life, along with Asha and Gauri, who is alive. Govinda reveals that he had found out that Suku had betrayed him and was working for Vishnu. He, along with Gauri and Asha, had made an elaborate plan in which they would fake Gauri's death to get the insurance money, steal and sell the drugs from Sandy by framing Inspector Javed, and sell the bungalow for a hefty sum, fully aware that it was illegally acquired. Baldev and Kaustabh were also in on the plan and had received their respective shares. The film ends with Suku, Vishnu and Charulata falling unconscious as their drinks were drugged, and Govinda and the others walking off, laughing.

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