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English vs English Full Movie |Anshu Bach |Dibya Dey|
 English vs English  Full Movie |Anshu Bach |Dibya Dey|

English vs English Full Movie |Anshu Bach |Dibya Dey|

  • The film is set in the backdrop of a corporate industry (Legal Process Outsourcing Industry). A budding LPO industry is being portrayed in the film. Soumya (Anshu Bach), a guy, who is good in studies but poor in English vocabulary, joins the office, but he faces a lot of problem as he is unable to speak English properly. The Boss of the office makes him very clear about the fact that he at least needs to speak broken English if not Spoken English to survive in the office ,as speaking in English is one of the important criteria of a corporate house . Soumya in this crisis situation begs help from Ranajoy Talukder (Mr. Shantilal Mukherjee), who is a senior most person in the office and a very good speaker of English. Ranajoy Talukder becomes his teacher and the journey of Soumya to learn English kicks off. But as the plot develops we find that Ranajoy Talukder is no hero but rather a psychopathic character who loves to blow his own trumpet and speak greatly about himself but doesn't have any quality as such other than the ability to speak English. Moreover, as the plot advances we also get to know that Joy Talukder can not tolerate to watch anybody else other than him getting appreciation and can go to any level to stop that. This centralized theme of the movie is backed up by romance , emotion , comedy ,relationship of father (Mr.Mrinal Mukherjee ) and son (Anshu Bach),relationship of husband-wife , the crude reality and the up's and down's of corporate life and this entire story is well-wreathed psycho thriller.

Genre: Thriller

Actor: Santilal Mukherjee



Country: India

Release: 2016-12-22

Duration: 01:56:00

Quality: HD

Rating: 0


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