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20 Feb 2021
Billu Barber Full Movie | Irfaan Khan | Shah Rukh Khan | Lara Dutta | Rajpal Yadav
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Go Goa Gone Hindi full movie HD | Saif Ali Khan | Kunal Khemu | Vir Das | Anand Tiwari | Link 2


Rating: 6.6/10
Director: Krishna D.K
Writer: Krishna D.K
Stars: Saif Ali Khan as Boris
Kunal Khemu as Hardik
Vir Das as Luv
Anand Tiwari as Bunny
Puja Gupta as Luna (voice dubbed by Urvi Ashar)
Ross Bucharn as Nikolai
Abhishek Kapoor as Fucker
Meenal Thakur as Priyanka
Suparn Verma as Boss (cameo)
Larrisa Bonesi as Simone
Krishna D.K. as Guy Devoured by Zombies
Jasleen Jil as Uninterested Girl at the Bar
Anuradha Sharma as Interested Girl at the Bar
Avinash Serrao as Leetle Zombie
Nagaraju Jalli as Boatman
Abhishek Banerjee as Pharmacist (cameo)
Pitobash Tripathy as Drug Dealer in the song "Slowly Slowly" (cameo)
Soha Ali Khan as Hardik's Ex-Girlfriend (cameo)
Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Luv (Vir Das) are two dope-heads, living with their roommate/friend Bunny (Anand Tiwari). After Hardik loses his job and Luv gets dumped by his girlfriend, both decide to tag along with Bunny to Goa to relax. In Goa, Luv falls for Luna (Puja Gupta), and she invites the guys to a rave party, organised by the Russian mafia, which is being held on a secluded island. At the party a new drug, D2RF, is launched. None of the friends take it as it's very expensive. The next morning, the three roommates find that the island has been infected by zombies, and the three men save Luna from her villa and stay together in hopes of surviving. A Russian mafioso, Boris (Saif Ali Khan, originally from Delhi/Dilli), arrives and reveals himself as a zombie slayer.

Boris, his partner Nikolai, the three boys and Luna plan to use the boat they had used to travel to the island to escape from it. Finally, after escaping the forest, they discover that the mainland has also been infested by the zombies, forcing them to find another way to survive. Boris tells them the boat will come back to the original place due to cyclic nature of water currents. However the boat has been taken by a zombie. They find a home fully vacant and decide to stay there. Boris leaves the four of them in the house saying he has important work with Nikolai. At night after Boris leaves, the zombies find the house and attack the four of them. They run away from the zombies and reach the rave party area looking for food. There, too, they are attacked by zombies. Bunny gets trapped in a tent and is seemingly killed by zombies. The three manage to escape with the help of Boris and Nikolai: who arrive just in time. On the way Nicolai gets bitten by a zombie so he stays behind in the forest. The four are grief-stricken.

Luna realises Boris had gone back to obtain his expensive Cocaine. Whilst waiting for the boat to arrive, Hardik gets a call from Bunny saying he's alive and on top of a tower. The four of them go to rescue him where Boris is surrounded by the zombies and the four youngsters escape.

When they reach Boris's jeep, Bunny tells them that he threw cocaine at the zombies which were coming to attack him. The mixing of the red pill and cocaine made them still. They go back to save Boris, and throw the cocaine packets towards the sky and ask Boris to shoot it. This trick works and all the zombies come to a stand still.

They leave the island coming to a conclusion that "Drugs fuck you up".

When they arrive at the shore of Goa, they see that the settlement is burning and everything is damaged. All five take their guns out and the movie ends there on the note – "The End..is near", signalling a zombie apocalypse.

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Billu Barber Full Movie | Irfaan Khan | Shah Rukh Khan | Lara Dutta | Rajpal Yadav
FahimAbdullah · 16 Views